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What a week

October 7th, 2019 at 07:21 pm

Last week I was on Jury Duty... I got selected for a trial. It was an interesting and rewarding experience for me - I do believe in the constitution, after all.

After all the testimony we went to deliberate and 7 of the jurors voted not guilty and 1 juror voted guilty. After about 3 hours of discussion, it was evident that no one was going to change the 1 jurors mind and 7 other jurors were not going to change theirs - so we ended up as a hung jury.

Luckily, I get paid from work even if I am out on Jury duty, so it didn't affect my finances in that matter.

It did, however, reinforce the decision that no matter what amount of money is offered - I will NOT work downtown. The 1.5-2 hour commute EACH way was intolerable. Time is money, after all. thats a minimum of 3 hours a day I wouldn't get to do other things with - things that I enjoy.

I appreciate that kick in the head because I was toying with the idea of starting to look at other employers (due to some things at work - which aren't deal breakers - just not my cup of tea).

So. We might have been a hung jury, but the evidence presented in that commute proved to me that I would be a horrible commuter and that I don't care what they offer (we are keeping this within reason - no one is going to be offering me more than what I would accept to commute - its just the way it is) - I am not working down there.

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